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About us

Mstar Lashes is one of the leaders in fashion industry. We have designed over five hundred types of fashion eyelashes. As one of the biggest and most professional eyelashes extension manufacturers in China, our factory aim is to manufacture the best quality products and offer the best private label oem&odm service. Our designers can design the style according to customers' needs and different fashion trends.

With more than 10 years' manufacturing experiences, we have exported all kinds of eyelashes to Europe, USA, Korea, Australia, Canada, etc. We can supply the high-quality lashes with lowest prices to wholesalers around the world. As to the styles, we mainly supply mink eyelash extension real mink fur eyelash extension,3d eyelash extensions,luxury mink fur eyelashes, 3d mink fur eyelashes , Horse hair lashes, fox fur eyelashes, human hair eyelashes ,handmade false eyelashes,and individual eyelashes like flare eyelashes, Y-lashes and W-lashes. These lashes can be packaged with your own private logo and brand name. We also can duplicate the lashes based on your samples. We sincerely hope to serve all the customers who are interested in our lash products.

we offer OEM and ODM service to clients, have designed over 100 special package for different kinds of eyelash. Our package of real mink fur eyelash is most high quality .


1989 False eyelash industry first appeared in Pingdu, Qingdao. M-Star became the first group to work for eyelashes.



1992 After 3 year of do pioneering work, M-Star creatived our first office.


1997 Manufactured 30 different eyelashes styles, process included: design, lash mould, sample testing, customized producing. And M-Star factory expanded.


2002 International trading department established, M-Star received our first order from global market.

2015 World wide created Magnetic eyelashes, and applied for a patent.


2016 First attended international make up exhibition, Deeply explore the eyelash market.


2018 M-Star factory exported 2 billion pairs of lashes within 12 months. We became eyelash industry benchmark. At the same year, M-Star established the branch office in Zhengzhou.


2019 M-Star registered as international brand to serve more customers.


2020 M-Star exported 6 billion pairs of lashes within 12 months. We became eyelash industry benchmark. Customers served in 100 different countries in the world


M-Star customized packaging box factory started to produce. We became the first manufacturer serving for eyelash, packaging, customization, shipping



Contact: Sophia Zhang

Phone: +86 17752551946

Tel: 0371-89812008

Email: info@mstarlashes.com

Add: Zhengzhou, Henan, China

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