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Do you prepare to slay whole party with the colored lashes?

As there are many festivals in the near future. The colored lashes have made the buzz on the networks, sales have suddenly exploded.

Colored mink lashes.jpg

Colored mink lashes-.jpg

The mink eyelash feels more comfortable than any brand of mink lashes.They are soft & smooth, natural curved, easy to remove. Black band and clear band are available to choose.

Suitable occasions: It can be widely used in various occasions. Perfect for halloween, costume, party, performance etc

Colorful eyelashes: Colorful eyelashes can match your make-up, colored accessories and costumes, which is awesome and attractive


Our team must keep up with demand. Rest assured, we are doing everything possible to ensure that you receive your order quickly. Don't hesitate to come with us to shine the whole party!

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