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Why do we prefer extending eyelashes

Why do we prefer extending eyelashes

As the epidemic has impacted the world situation, it has brought tremendous changes to people's lifestyles. Due to wearing masks, staying at home longer and canceling social activities,the interest in buying decorative cosmetics, especially lipsticks, declined so much last year. However, the decline has little effect on eye makeup products, and even interest in false eyelashes has been increased to 115%.


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Now it is the best time to reaeach the dream of beautiful long eyelashes and get a charming appearance. 

What are the main benefits of extending eyelashes?

1, Save time : Grafted onto your own eyelashes, true to natural . No need to remove.

2, Very flexible form, ultra light weight and shiny surface.

3,Can be removed by eye makeup remover.

4,Simple to use and comfortable to wear.



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