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Halloween makeup--Color eyeliner

Halloween makeup

Color eyeliner is the same as the color false eyelashes we mentioned in the last issue. Although it is not used frequently in daily life, it is precisely because of their uniqueness that they can bring us some unusual experiences. On some specific occasions or days, the correct use of these "unusual" little things can make us shine.

Color eyeliner

It’s almost a month before the annual Halloween. I believe that many people are already ready to prepare for the upcoming Halloween. Halloween dolls, masks, pumpkin lanterns and other things that can represent Halloween. But I think a makeup with Halloween characteristics, whether it is to go to a party or post to a social media site, will definitely catch everyone's attention!

Color eyeliner

Some Halloween makeup

The face paint makeup shown in the picture above is an indispensable thing, I think, is the color eyeliner. A good eyeliner must be smudge-proof and waterproof, just like our newly launched color eyeliner set, completely Meet these two requirements, and the colors are diverse. There are 12 colors in a set to help you complete various face paintings. 

Color eyeliner

If you don't want to be so exaggerated, you can also use colored liquid eyeliner appropriately to create a natural makeup look in a small area, and simply use it as a liquid eyeliner, with a little special in daily life.As shown below.

Color eyeliner



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