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What are the usage of STPP in papermaking?

What are the specific uses of stpp used in papermaking.

(1) Decorative panel: It can be made into fireproof, anti-seismic and heat-resistant laminated plates, bright color, solid and heat-resistant decorative plates, and used as the veneers of aircraft, ships and furniture, as well as fireproof, anti-seismic and heat-resistant house decoration materials.

(2) Paint: after etherification of butanol and methanol, it can be used as a binding agent for advanced thermosetting coatings and solid powder coatings, and can be used to make metal coatings and amino resin decorative coatings for vehicles and electrical appliances.

(3) Moulding powder: melamine plastic can be made by mixing, granulation and other I processes, which is colorless, antifouling, and can still maintain good electrical properties when wet, and can be made into white

High-grade insulating materials such as batter-resistant household utensils, sanitary ware, porcelain tableware, electrical equipment, etc.

(4) Paper: etherified with ether can be used as a paper treatment agent to produce wrinkle-resistant, shrink-resistant, non-protting banknotes, military maps and other high-grade paper.

(5) When mixed with other raw materials, melamine formaldehyde resin can also produce fabric finishing agent, leather tanning agent, polishing agent and water-resistant agent, rubber adhesive, flame retardant, high-efficiency cement water-reducing agent, steel desalting agent, etc.







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