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Colored Faux Mink Lashes

As we all known, the black hair lashes is the most popular and most common in the market. Now more and more people pursue fashion and wear the colored lashes. Today i will introduce more details about the colored faux mink lashes.


All of our lashes are super light, very comfortable to wear it on the eyes. It can be used for more than 25 times. Super fluffy , Thickness , Wispy, Handmade, Soft and so on are all the characteristics of our lashes.

Colored Lashes.jpg

We have many different colors and styles of the colored faux mink lashes. And the package also can customized based on your requirements.

Colored Lashes -3.jpg

Colored Lashes - 5.png

Just contact us to choose the styles you want! It will make your eyes more charming and beautiful.







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