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Comparison between Tween 60 and Span 60

The chemical components of Tween 60 and Sipan 60 are polyoxyethylene dehydrated sorbitol fatty acid ester and dehydrated sorbitol fatty acid ester, which are non-ionic. Although both can be used as food emulsifiers, there are still great differences in performance and application.

From the appearance, Tween 60 is a yellowish waxy solid, and Sipan 60 is a yellowish waxy solid.

In terms of performance and application:

Tween 60:

1. It is easily soluble in water, methanol, ethanol, isopropanol and other solvents, and insoluble in animal and mineral oil. It has excellent emulsification performance and has the functions of wetting, foaming and diffusion.

2. It is used as an o/w type emulsifier, dispersant, stabilizer, and in the manufacture of food, medicine, cosmetics, and water-based coatings.

3. It is used as a softener and antistatic agent in the textile industry. It is a component of polyacrylonitrile spinning finish and a softener for fiber post-processing. It can eliminate static electricity, improve its softness and give the fiber good dyeing performance.

Span 60:

1. This product is insoluble in water and dispersed in hot water. It is a good w/o emulsifier with strong emulsifying, dispersing and lubricating properties, and is also a good stabilizer and defoamer.

2. It is used as an emulsifier in the food industry and in the production of beverages, lactose, ice cream, bread, pastries, malt essence, margarine, chocolate, etc; In the textile industry, it is used as the component of antistatic agent and soft oiling agent for acrylic fiber; Used as emulsifier and stabilizer in food, pesticide, medicine, cosmetics, paint and plastic industries; It is used as antifogging agent for PVC, EVA, PE and other films.







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