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How to use caustic soda in water treatment

Many chemicals can be used for many purposes, which can be said to be very powerful. Tablet alkali is one of these chemicals. It has played a very important role in textile printing and dyeing, paper making, oil refining and metallurgical industry. In addition, in the medical industry, it can also be used to make stomach medicine because it can neutralize the endocrine gastric acid in the human body. In addition, it can also play a governance role in the process of water treatment.

In the process of wastewater or sewage treatment, whether domestic sewage or industrial wastewater, the water that needs to be treated will be acidic, and the water that is alkaline will be rare. Therefore, in most cases, sewage is either acidic or weakly acidic. Then the role of flake alkali is obvious. It can be used to regulate the properties of water. First of all, it can use its own alkaline property to adjust the slightly acidic sewage to the neutral state, and then quickly adjust the water quality to the optimal PH value. And with the help of neutralization reaction, it can also play the role of softening water quality and reducing water hardness. In addition, it can also eliminate heavy metal ions in water.

First of all, it is suggested that we put caustic soda in the mixer, add water to it and stir it to form a solution, and then add it into the pool. In the process of mixing, in order to avoid local overheating, keep stirring until it is completely dissolved. If there is a quantitative need, the amount of water can be reduced. After it is completely dissolved, it will gradually cool down, and then use water for constant volume. In addition, if the quantity is too large and there is surplus, it should not be discarded casually. It should be neutralized and disposed of later.

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