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Difference between flake caustic soda, soda ash, caustic soda, and caustic soda pearls

Caustic soda flakes: Chemical name is sodium hydroxide, a white, translucent, flake solid. It has strong corrosivity and is widely used as a neutralizer in the water treatment industry. It is widely used in various sodium salt manufacturing, soap, paper making, cotton fabrics, silk, viscose fibers, rubber products regeneration, metal cleaning, electroplating, bleaching, etc. in the chemical industry.

Soda ash: Commonly known as sodium carbonate, also known as soda or soda ash, in the form of a white powder. The classification of soda ash is salt, not alkali. It is an important organic chemical raw material, mainly used in the production of flat glass, glass products, and ceramic glazes. It is also widely used in household washing, acid neutralization, and food processing.

Caustic soda: Chemical name is sodium hydroxide, a strong caustic soda with strong corrosivity, generally in the form of flakes or blocks, easily soluble in water (releasing heat when dissolved in water) and forming an alkaline solution. It also has deliquescence, and is easy to absorb water vapor (deliquescence) and carbon dioxide (deterioration) in the air. Hydrochloric acid can be added to test whether it has deteriorated. Caustic soda can be used as an alkaline cleaning agent in water treatment, and is widely used in the production of paper, soap, dyes, rayon, metal smelting, petroleum refining, cotton fabric finishing, purification of coal tar products, as well as food processing, wood processing, and mechanical industries.

Caustic soda pearls: Granular caustic soda, also known as pearl caustic soda, is in granular form. According to particle size, it can be divided into coarse alkali particles and fine alkali particles. The particle size of fine alkali particles is about 0.7 mm, and the shape is very similar to washing powder. Granular alkali is mainly used as a chemical raw material, and is an important basic chemical raw material. It is widely used in the chemical industry, textile printing and dyeing industry, smelting industry, instrument industry, adhesive industry, and other aspects.

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